Spark™ Clear Aligners

Spark Clear Aligners are an effective alternative to traditional braces that use a system of clear, removable trays to straighten teeth. Each aligner is custom-made to fit over your teeth and designed to gradually move teeth into their proper position.

From mild crowding to complex malocclusion, Spark aligners can give you the smile you’ve always wanted! Spark can correct:

  • Crowding
  • Open Bite
  • Overbite/Overjet
  • Spacing
  • Cross Bite
  • Underbite
  • Overbite/Deep Bite

What makes Spark Clear Aligners different?

Made from TruGEN™, the latest generation of aligner material, Spark Clear Aligners are designed to deliver a higher sustained force retention for maximum efficiency. Because Spark is created with polished, scalloped edges, it is designed to provide a more comfortable treatment experience. Additionally, you can feel more confident during treatment, as Spark aligners are designed to be clearer and have minimal aligner stains compared to the leading aligner material.

Your Spark Treatment

Each Spark aligner is created a little different, so that each time you switch aligners, your teeth move a little more. For effective and efficient treatment and the best smile results, we recommend wearing your Spark aligners for 22 hours a day during the one to two-week period of treatment with each aligner. Ideally, the only time you should take your aligners out is for eating and brushing.


Spark Home Care Instructions 

- Wear your aligners all day and night, remove when eating. 

- When drinking, it is better to drink through a straw if you are wearing your aligners. 

- Keep aligners clean with toothpaste and water. Brush your teeth and aligners after every meal. 

- Once a week soak aligners in a denture cleaning tablet for 10-20 mins. Do not soak aligners in mouth wash, that may cause them to discolor. 

- Always place aligners in your retainer case when you are not wearing them to prevent misplacing or losing your aligners. 

- Sore teeth from movement is normal, Sore gums are NOT! If your aligners are irritating your gums or cheeks, Please call the office for Dr. Lindsey to check aligners. 

- Occasionally, one of the engagers (clear buttons) may dislodge from your tooth. If this occurs, let Dr. Lindsey know at your regular visit. 

- Keep aligners and the retainer case away from your dog! They think it' s a chew toy!

- Don't leave aligners in a hot car, the heat may cause the aligners to warp. 

- If you misplace or break an aligner, move up to the next set you have. If you don't have a next set, then put in the previous aligner set as a back up. Please call our office and let us know if you need your next set before your scheduled visit. 

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