Types of Braces

There are several types of braces used in Orthodontics. Our office offers 2 of the most common types of braces :Traditional Metal Braces and Clear Aligners (clear braces). Below we compare the 2 types of braces we offer in our office. 

Traditional Metal Braces

metal braces

Traditional metal braces are the most common type of braces used world wide, they have been around for more than 100 years. Metal Braces have advanced over the years to be more effective, more comfortable and less bulky. Made of high-grade stainless steel, metal braces straighten your teeth using metal brackets and archwires. Elastic rubber bands are used to hold the archwire to the bracket and comes in many color options. To move teeth, the Orthodontist will make adjustments to the archwire at appointments every 4-8 weeks. 

Metal braces are a popular choice over clear aligners (clear braces) since parents don't have to remind their child to wear them. Metal braces require good hygiene and care throughout the whole treatment. 

Advantages of Metal Braces:                                Disadvantages of Metal Braces

-No Speech Changes                                  -Not for patients with poor hygiene habits

- No waiting period to get started                  -More difficult to brush & floss

- Able to help direct growth                          -More noticeable esthetically

- Ablility to correct more complex problems

-Color ties to make braces more fun!



Clear Aligners


Clear Aligners have gained popularity in the last decade. People love having a clear and transparent option to braces. Clear Aligners are a series of invisible, removable, and comfortable acrylic trays that straighten your teeth like braces. Clear Aligners offer patients the ability to eat and drink what they want during treatment since they are removable. The ability to remove the Clear Aligners makes brushing and flossing so much easier than Traditonal Metal Braces. In some cases the Clear Aligners may offer a faster way of moving the teeth and require few and faster appointments. Clear Aligners are a more comfortable option for patients since they have no metal and are made with a soft arylic material. 

Clear Aligners are a great option for patients who have already had braces and are looking for "touch ups" and their teeth have shifted a little over time. For more complex problems, a comprehensive treatment plan would require the use of Traditional Metal Braces. 

Advantages of Clear Aligners                             Disadvantages of Clear Aligners

-Clear and esthetic                                             -Not for complex problems

-Easier to brush & floss                                      -Must be worn consistently

-Removeable                                                     -Sometimes not for growing children 

-Eat and drink whatever you want



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