Types of Braces

There are several types of braces used in Orthodontics. Our office offers 2 of the most common types of braces: Damon Ultima Braces and Spark Aligners (clear braces). Below we compare the 2 types of braces we offer in our office. 

Damon Ultima Braces     


Damon Ultima are a new type of braces that use a special, self-ligating "tie-less" bracket. These brackets attach directly to the arch-wire without the need for elastic ties, allowing the arch-wire to move naturally within the bracket. Damon Ultima braces never have to be "tightened," are gentle on teeth and  tissue,  and can speed up tooth movements to help you achieve a new smile faster than ever before. The Damon Ultima System is the first true full expression orthodontic system designed for faster and more precise finishing. It is completely reengineered to virtually eliminate play for precise control of rotation, angulation and torque.


Spark Aligners / Clear Braces

Spark Aligners have gained popularity in the last decade. People love having a clear and transparent option to braces. Spark Aligners are a series of custom made invisible, removable, and comfortable plastic-like trays that straighten your teeth like braces. Spark Aligners offer patients the ability to eat and drink what they want during treatment since they are removable. The ability to remove the Spark Aligners makes brushing and flossing so much easier than traditonal metal braces. In some cases the Spark Aligners may offer a faster way of moving the teeth and require fewer appointments. Spark Aligners are a more comfortable option for patients since they have no metal and are made with a soft plastic-like material.

Spark Aligners are transparent aligners and are custome made to fit a patient’s teeth at different stages of his or her treatment. Each set of aligners is worn for one-two weeks, at least 22 hours a day, before moving on to the next set. Each aligner set is engineered to move the teeth incrementally, per the orthodontist’s treatment plan, until the desired alignment is reached. Spark Aligners can treat most mild and moderate cases of overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite, crowding, and spacing. In some instances, Spark Aligners may not be right for some severe cases. An orthodontic assessment can provide an accurate diagnosis and best treatment recommendations for you.

Spark Aligners are a great option for patients who have already had braces and are looking for "touch ups" and their teeth have shifted a little over time. For more complex problems, a comprehensive treatment plan would require the use of Traditional Metal Braces. 



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